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Green Spine Leather Journal

Embrace the Art of Authenticity

There's something truly magical about putting pen to paper on the pages of a handcrafted, 100% genuine Australian leather journal. Each intricate detail tells the story of a skilled artisan pouring their heart and soul into creating a timeless masterpiece that's uniquely yours.

Let the smooth texture of the leather inspire your thoughts and dreams, as every stroke of ink becomes a part of this tangible journey. Every aspect exudes authenticity from the rustic aroma that fills the air to the soft, worn feel of the pages.

Elevate your journaling experience and capture moments like never before. This isn't just an accessory; it's a companion on your path to creativity and self-expression.

Indulge in the luxury of owning a piece of Australian craftsmanship.
Let your inner writer rejoice as you celebrate the beauty of genuine artistry and the joy of capturing life's wonders in the most authentic way.

One-off design
- Black full-grain textured leather
- Black stitching
- Embroidered mosaic spine
- Burnished gold rivet embellishment
- A5 journal included
- Hand sewn

Caring for your journal
Your cover will last a lifetime with the correct care and will look better with age.
Use a leather conditioner at least once a year.

Replacement journals
80gsm cream paper
130 x 210mm
240 pages
Lined ruling

Selected Size/Selection: One Size

One Size
$149.00 (AUD)



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