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Classic Kink Black Leather Bondage Cuff Set

There is nothing more classic in the kink world than black wrist and ankle cuffs

Outer Layer: Black Leather
Inner Layer: Black Leather
Strapping: Black Leather
Hardware: Silver
Stitching: Black
Embellishments: 0

Standard sizing
Wrist: 7.8 Inch and under
Ankle: 9.5 Inch and under

Plus sizing
Wrist: 8 Inch and over
Ankle: 9.5 Inch and over

Please measure BEFORE ordering and leave measurements in the notes area at the checkout.

• 100% leather is used. Not PU leather
• Leather may vary from the image depending on what hides are available at the time
• This item is hand-cut and sewn, no machines are used.
• This will be made to fit you. Please supply measurements
• Allow a week to be made depending on orders in front of you.
• Do not wear in water
• Condition leather a few times a year to keep it in great shape
• Yes, you can request a colour change
• Yes we ship worldwide
• Prices are in Australian dollar. You can google an approx. price in your dollar
• Paypal will do the currency conversion for you.
• NOT made in china. Australian Made

Selected Size/Selection: Plus Size

Plus Size
$290.00 (AUD)



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