Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Orders

Q: Can you make my order to fit me?

A: Yes of course. We are all different so all my hand made items are made to fit

Q: How do I place a custom order?

A: I work closely with my customers either via email of FB messenger. You just need to contact me with your ideas and we can go from there. Once you are happy with the design details, I will give you a price.
A website link will be set up for you to order your design and anything else you need to add to the cart. Put all your details AND measurements in the areas needed at the checkout and I can get started.

Q: How do I measure myself?

A: Use a tape measure and measure where you want the collar or cuffs to sit. Don’t pull tight, you need to be able to move. Holes will be added to each size of the measurements you give me.

Q: How long does it take to make my order?

A: Once an order is placed you will go in line to be made.
Orders usually take a week to make depending on orders already on the go.

Q: How do I know when my job has started?

A: I post all photos of work being made on FB and Instagram. You can watch the process there.

Q: Where do I add my custom sizing when I place an order?

A: When you get to the checkout, there will be an area for custom notes. Just add it in there.

Q: Can I order one custom item and the order the rest later?

A: You can…BUT…as all hides are different, I can not guarantee the colour or texture will be the same. If you want your set to match it is best to order all at the same time so everything can be made from the same leather.

Q: Do custom orders need to be paid for in advance?

A: Yes they do. Custom orders are sized to fit YOU.

Q: Do you make custom size steel collars or bangles?

A: No, it is way too expensive to get the curve tool made for one item.

Q: I am curvy, do you make things for larger ladies?

A: You size is not important, I make all my items to fit the person wearing them. As long as you feel pretty that is all that matters.

General FAQs

Q: I sent an email but got no reply.

A: I reply to every email personally. I have probably gone into your junk mail. Check there.

Q: Do you make things for submissive men?

A: I sure do. Contact me to go though a design.

Q: Do you use a sewing machine?

A: No, I don’t have a sewing machine. All my work is sewn by hand. This takes time so please be patient. There are no machines or big cutters in the workroom. Everything it cut by hand, holes hand punched in and sized to fit.

Q: Is there a minimum spend for a custom order?

A: Nope, if you want it I’ll make it.

Q: Can you offer engraving?

A: We no longer offer engraving sorry. Customers do get the engraving done themselves though. Laser engraving is the best option.

Q: Do you use real leather?

A: Yes, only 100% untouched full grain leather is used.
No PU leather is ever used for my hand made items, you only get the best.
Animals are not killed just for their leather, the leather is used after the meat is used for food.
Genuine Leather is very durable, will last a lifetime with the right care. There will also be random, lines, grooves and textures on the hide.

Q: What is PU leather?

A: PU (Poly) Synthetic Leather is a man made material that will represent the look and feel of Genuine Leather but in fact is NOT.
This PU material is far less durable, considerably cheaper in cost, and may not last long if used often. If the price seems cheap…its PU leather.

Q: What is synthetic leather?

A: Synthetic leather, also known as faux leather, vinyl or leatherette, is a manmade fabric made using PVC or polyurethane (PU) that is treated and dyed to resemble real leather.
Most adult products from the adult store ate made from this and are not made to last.

Q: Do I need to care for my leather?

A: YES! This is a must. Always clean your leather after use. Store it in a moisture and dust free area. A breathable cotton or velvet bag is the best.
Use a natural leather conditioner on your leather every 3 months to keep it in top shape. I like a bees wax blend, but any natural leather conditioner is fine. Give it a good run in.

Q: Can you do a vegan option?

A: No sorry as I am not able to get good quality vegan leather.

Q: I have a reaction to leather against my skin, what are my options?

A: Yes, I can line the leather with velvet to solve this problem.

Q: Metal reacts to my skin, do the rivets touch me?

A: Most of my work will have no metal at all touching the skin. Kitten collars are mad differently so there will be metal touching you.

Q: I don’t like hard leather, is your leather hard?

A: No, I use a strong, but softer leather. There is no hard edges on my products so they are very comfortable.

Q: I have seen something I like on social media, can you copy it?

A: No I won’t. I do not take other peoples designs. They work hard just like I do so please support them and buy what you like from their shop.

Q: If something happens to my collar or cuffs, can you do repairs?

A: Yes, if a rivet or something is faulty just send it back and I will fix it.
If you go totally nuts and break it, or use a light play design for rough play, then no, you did that all on your own.

Q: Can you offer gift wrapping?

A: Sure thing, just add it to the notes at the checkout.

Q: Do you have a shop, can I come and visit?

A: We are just online for now, but hope to have a shop in the near future.

Q: Can I return my toys?

A: No, it's kind of gross. But if they are not working when you get them, please reseal the bag and return to the sender within 3 days.
If you just change your mind, then no. We are not a big company and can not absorb the cost.

Q: How do I pay for my items?

A: You can pay by credit card via the PayPal portal, use your own PayPal, or if you are in Australia, you can do a direct bank deposit.

Q: How do I convert the price to my dollar?

A: We can’t add the conversion function to the website as the dollar changes slightly daily.
A google currency conversion search will tell you the dollar of the day

Q: Can I wear my leather collar swimming or in the shower?

A: No you can’t. Would you wear you favourite leather jacket or boots winning? No, my leather is no different.

Q: Can your stainless steel day collars be worn 24/7?

A: Yes, they can be locked on and worn every day with no problem at all.

Q: My skin is allergic to metal, can I wear your day collars?

A: We do our best to get the most allergy-free surgical steel available, but if you know metal doesn’t work for you best you don’t wear them.


Q: Do you ship outside of Australia?

A: Yes, we ship anywhere in the world.

Q: What is the average shipping costs?

A: Shipping goes by weight. Each item on the website has been weighed so the cart will calculate correctly.

Within Australia
500g and under - $10
1kg and under - $13

New Zealand
500g and under - $19.73 (approx $120NZ)
1kg and under - $31.40 (approx $32NZ)
2kg and under - $41.05 (approx $42NZ)

500g and under - $23.72 (approx $18USD)
1kg and under - $41.18 (approx $30USD)
2kg and under - $64.63 (approx $49USD)

500g and under - $28.32 (Approx £16)
1kg and under - $51.72 (Approx £28)
2kg and under - $67.05 (Approx £38)

Q: Is there a cheaper postage option?

A: Yes, it is about $5 cheaper for overseas orders BUT it is not registered. If you want this cheaper option, please contact us and shipping and loss is at your own risk. Items will not replaced.

Q: What is the expected time of delivery?

A: Within Australia takes approx 1-3 working days.
Outside of Australia takes approx 7-10 working days.

Q: Do you cover import fees?

A: No, each country has their own tax system. It is your responsibility to be aware of this and if you will be charged extra. We do now cover your import fees.

Q: My package has not been delivered yet, how do I find it?

A: Your package is registered with a tracking number. You may need to sign for it.
America is bad for not leaving calling cards, so if no calling card is left for you, please go to your local post office and give them this tracking number. The package may be there waiting for you.

Q: I can't track my package online, why?

A: Items are sent tracked post. Your packages are tracked all the way by my post office and yours. Sometimes, due to holidays or customs backlog, tracking may not show up at the right time. You can call your postal service and quote the tracking number and they can tell you where it is.

Q: Can you ship to a PO Box?

A: Yes, that is no problem at all.

Q: Is the packaging discrete?

A: Yes, plain post bags or boxes are used.
Return address is either BB or NKC (QLD) Pty Ltd and our PO box.
No logo or branding is used.

Q: I am going on holidays, can you hold the postage till I return?

A: Yes of course, just add the date you want it sent to the notes at the checkout.

Q: How do you send your packages?

A: All our items are sent tracked post via Australia Post.
This is the most secure way to send as item are tracked by all postal services.
Once a package leave our country, your postal service takes over.

Q: Is COVID-19 affecting shipping times?

A: YES! There are huge delays on international orders. Please be patient as I have no control over the postal service.

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