Leather Cuffs

Leather is cut to fit you and put together all by hand, no machines are used. Allow just over a week to be made depending on orders already booked in. 

Thanks for visiting our page and considering purchasing a set of Beautifully Bound cuffs. While you decide which one of our beautiful hand made designs is your favourite here are a few things you should know about our products.

All Beautifully Bound products are hand-made made with 100% genuine Australian leather.  We do not use imitation leather in our custom products. That means, that with proper care, you will be very old and kinky and your BB cuffs will still be in pristine condition

Each set of Beautifully Bound cuffs is unique. Because the leather is cut by hand, then sewn by hand we can tailor make the product to your needs and desires. None of our custom designs are mass produced and most often are designs are one of a kind.

Many people come to us after they have bought products online that are mass produced. The trouble with that is those products really can’t be a ‘one size fits all.' So curvy girls often miss out. We custom design to your measurements so your cuffs fit perfectly. We believe everyone deserves to be Beautifully Bound and pretty!

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Other Hand Made Products include . . .

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