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We would like to introduce the new range of stainless steel collars and pendants from Beautifully Bound. This exclusive line has been a long time in the making - we actually travelled across the world to ensure we were bringing you the best product possible.

The beautiful silver collars come in two sizes - petite and regular. If you choose you can add a set of three unique pendants with a diamond, red, or sapphire gem to your collar.

All products come in a leather bound box for presentation and safe keeping.

At Beautifully Bound appearance, comfort and quality is of utmost importance. To that end these products have all been hand crafted (even the boxes) to our specifications.

We ensured the collar sat high on the clavicle in the traditional style, yet it remains stylish and discreet enough for everyday wear.

(Note: slight irregularities may appear in some products. Remember these are all made by hand, no machine stamping or mass production has occurred).

Pendants are made to fit these collars. We can not customise a pendent for you to fit as the cost of making one is not viable for us or you.

No custom orders on steel

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